About us

Remoundo was founded in 1948 and was the first company in Greece to focus solely on educational board games.


With a highly systematized sales network in our disposal, we are able to deliver directly to stores anywhere in Greece as well as overseas.

Our reputation

Through solid partnerships with prominent trading firms in Greece, our company has achieved a strong presence in the export sector, while at the same time it represents the country to some of the most notable companies abroad.

Our Goal

For more than fifty years, children have greatly enjoyed themselves as well as learned from our games. Our company is committed to keep raising production quality and continue growing its product range.


Our board games are made exclusively of recyclable materials and they are 100% environmentally friendly without ever compromising in quality.


All Remoundo products are made of non-toxic materials and they are constantly undergoing quality checks by qualified state agencies, such as the Hellenic Organization for Standardization.


Importers of board games

Remoundo represents in Greece some of the most notable foreign companies in the industry, such as Deico and D-Toys.


Telephone orders

International Shipping


phone+30 210 3412998


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